It’s no longer enough for internal communication to be the nice-to-have, or the after-thought, with important messages jammed into an over crowded and under-read weekly newsletter or intranet.

Employees have more choice than ever about where and how they work. They want to feel aligned with their organization’s values and strategic direction, and they want to play an important part in your journey. Engaging employees through planned, thoughtful and meaningful communication is an essential element of maintaining dynamic, productive teams and limiting turnover.

How do you achieve this? With a communication strategy. We can support you to dramatically elevate the quality of your communication with a strategy that aligns with the organization’s strategy, which is easy to follow, and provides comprehensive plans for measuring the return on investment of your communication initiatives.

How does it work?

We don’t churn out cookie cutter strategies. The first stage in our 7-step Strategy Development process is discovery: we take the time to understand your organization, your communication climate and your objectives. The remainder of the process is then completely tailored to your requirements.

Nor do we ‘drop the mic’ when we’re done. The final and most important stage of the process is the review, when we check in to make sure the strategy is performing as expected, and help you refine communications approaches or adapt the strategy to keep you on track.

Our first interview is always free, and obligation-free. If you’re wondering whether a strategy might help you achieve better organizational communication, why not drop us a line?