We have been so fortunate to belong to communities who have welcomed and supported us. We believe that it's more important to give than to get, so we are active in giving back to our community in a number of ways.

Pro Bono Work

My earliest memories are of warmth in the cold. The warmth of my grandfather teaching me to ski. The warmth of a hot chocolate held in cold, wet ski gloves. The warmth of building a snowman in a blizzard with a rowdy group of kids. Later, the mountains gave me a home, the joy of nature, and friends that are more like family. To keep this warmth alive and to ensure others can experience it, we donate our time to Protect Our Winters (Canada), a committed group who educate, advocate and inspire the outdoor community to become a voice for the environment.

We also offer our services at a deep discount to other not for profits, so please ask how we can help you.

Charitable giving

We donate to a number of causes close to our heart on a regular basis.