At AlphaJuliet, we do internal communication. We know what we’re good at, and we stick to it.

We’re passionate about the power of communication to make workplaces rewarding, interesting and fun places to be. We help organizations to grow and leaders to achieve their goals by implementing communication strategies that develop happy, high performing teams. 

We can help you to: 

  • Develop internal communication strategies, for specific projects, departments, or whole-of-business, including realistic and effective measurement approaches.

  • Understand how your communications currently perform, and what your organization’s communication culture looks like.

  • Navigate through change, ensuring your people stay focussed and engaged through even the most challenging transitions. 

  • And we can teach you to fish, with a suite of training programs designed to empower employees at all levels to be confident, effective communicators. 

Wondering about other services? We know that some projects are bigger than one audience, and we strongly believe in consistent messaging across internal, external and marketing communications. That’s why we partner with hand-selected agencies and consultants in PR, digital and crisis communications to ensure that your most important campaigns are delivered seamlessly. 


The face behind the name

Alison Wines founded AlphaJuliet in 2017, after a global cross-sector career in law, management consulting and communication.

Alison holds a Master of Arts (Organizational Communication) degree, graduating with Distinction, and holds the globally-recognized designation of Strategic Communications Management Professional.

She is a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol, sits on the board of the International Association of Business Communicators (Toronto), and donates time to support various nonprofit organizations.

Find Alison on LinkedIn.

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