If you feel like you're facing a challenge with internal communication, don't worry - you're not alone. Most organizations understand that effective communication empowers employees to perform at their best; but it can be harder than it seems to get it right. That's where we come in. We've seen all of these challenges and more, and we've got the experience to tailor our solutions to your business, people and culture.


We want our employees to understand our strategy

Only 30 percent of employees are able to articulate their organization's strategy. We can help you communicate your strategy effectively, so your people understand their roles, and will want to be your biggest brand ambassadors.


Our leaders want to be great communicators

The most common issue raised in employee engagement surveys is leadership communication, particularly line manager communication. You know there's room to improve, or maybe your leaders simply recognize the value of excellent communication, but where do you begin? We will work with executives and teams to improve communications outcomes.


We don't know if our communications are working

An honest and holistic review of your internal communications provides a valuable baseline and helps you shape your strategy. We can perform a communications audit to help you understand your performance across channels, audiences, measurement and reporting and communication effectiveness, to support your continuous improvement.


Things are changing, and we're not sure how to tell people

How and when to communicate change can often be a bigger dilemma than implementing the change itself. How will people take the news? Will they support the project or act as road blocks? How will this affect our performance and culture? We've led multi-million dollar change programs, and we draw on this background to develop communications strategies that limit resistance and encourage advocacy for change.


Nobody reads our corporate emails or intranet stories

We GET IT. You spend hours investing in getting important messages out to your people, but your email open rates and intranet clicks are dismal. We can help you tell your stories in a way that engages and resonates with employees. Whether it's quarterly results, a CEO message or a success story, let us help you truly connect with your people and be heard over the noise.


Something bad has happened!

When organizations are feeling the heat, they often focus on dealing with the media and external stakeholders, forgetting that everyone on the inside is an amateur journalist with a smartphone. Let us focus on supporting your people through a crisis, so you can focus on getting back on track.